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    • The contract must contain other terms covering the actual wages, hours and conditions of employment in order to be enforceable.

    These agreements often come with stipulations that forbid employees from working with or for competitors for a period of time after their employment ends. Larry and his team at Schaefer Halleen helped bring to resolution issues at the workplace in an amicable manner. Even if an agreement is by its terms reasonable, it may nevertheless fail for lack of sufficient consideration. He was amazing to work with.

  3. This article explains what issues may limit the effectiveness of noncompete agreements, says how state courts have ruled and gives tips on how to obtain an enforceable contract.

He kept me in the loop on every aspect of my case, he allowed me to have input before decisions were made and fought for me from the very beginning to the end.

Minnesota that are written properly will generally be enforced.

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His team of attorneys, which includes daughter Jennifer, specialize in transactional, defense litigation, regulatory compliance and collection matters. When this occurs, additional, independent consideration, beyond the mere continuation of employment, is required for such agreements to be enforceable. As a general rule, the shorter the duration of the restriction, the more likely the restriction will be enforced. Relaxing enforcement of restrictive covenants is understandable and appropriate in this current environment. Compete is that the agreement restricts the employee from competing for an unreasonably long amount of time.