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If you have been personally served with a subpoena, there may be serious consequences to you if you do not appear.

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For example, if you are under investigation for receiving classified documents, and you are subpoenaed for those documents, the very act of producing the classified documents to the grand jury is in itself incriminating.

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Sanctions for Violating the Disclosure Rules.

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  • To delete this Web Part, click OK. Public records request can be used to obtain discipline information about the officer involved in the case, video evidence, GPS data, and much more.
  • Florida in this form. You will be sworn in prior to your deposition being taken, and it will be taken before an official court reporter, the Defense Attorney, and an Assistant State Attorney.

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The purpose of this change is to ensure reciprocity of discovery. The prosecutor should diligently pursue the timely conclusion of criminal investigations. Payment.

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  • At trial, the prosecution will present admissible evidence obtained through the investigation.
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Make sure you keep a record of the delivery. Disclosure requirements for medical, and prosecutor should consider moving party acting as a competency, as provided by criminal and witnesses. Politely accept services. Think carefully before answering.

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  • Do not argue with the lawyer asking you questions.
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